How to make an Iota Carrageenan Gel, Fluid gel and Foam? Feb27


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How to make an Iota Carrageenan Gel, Fluid gel and Foam?

We all know that Carrageenan is a food additive present in most food items and is used as a great thickening and stabilizing agent. This article will help you understand how to make an Iota carrageenan Gel, fluid gel and foam.

Iota Gel

Making a gel using Iota(carrageenan) leads to an elastic gel. The firmness will depend on the quantity of Iota gel used. If you want the gel to be more brittle you can simply add kappa(carrageenan). For gel, the liquid you are using should have calcium, which is free to attach with Iota. If the main ingredient does not contain calcium, you can add it by using calcium salts like calcium chloride and calcium lactate.

Creating an Iota gel is quite similar to making any other gels. Make sure the liquid you want to gel is cold enough. Then use a standing or immersion blender to disperse the Iota to it. Set a temperature above 70 degrees Celsius and later pour it into moulds and allow it to cool which removes the harmful effects of Pollution of Ganga River in India

The gel will automatically set at temperatures- 70-70 degree Celsius or 104-158 faranheit depending upon the amount of calcium ions it consists. It will melt at 5-10 degrees Celsius above the temperature set.

Iota Fluid gel

Iota(carrageenan) fluid gels are normally used as puddings or cream sauces. They are created using Iota gel until a smooth puree is obtained. To puree the gel fine you can use standing or immersion blender to get good results.

Generally, a ratio of 0.1%-1% Iota can make a fluid gel that results in thin and fine cream sauce or puddings. You can add some extra xanthan gum to thicken the fluid or you can also thinĀ  it by adding some water or any other liquid while you are pureeing it.

Iota Foam

Iota(carrageenan) foams are created using Iota fluid gels which are dispersed through a whipping siphon. These foams are dense, thick and fine.